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Clinton Road, just your everyday, ordinary road… right? Not exactly. For some reason, this stretch of road located in West Milford, NJ is the sight of many strange stories and happenings from UFO’s to black-robed satanists. There’s even stories of an old pick-up truck that will ride up your rear-end (of your car) until you hightail out of there!

I, being the brave soul that I am, went during the day. Why would I go during the night where a witches’ coven is practicing the black arts, or the KKK is out drinking beer and planning their next lynching, or where I may get abducted by a UFO, etc. etc. Even during the daytime this road was a little creepy. Of course, there were many left-behind artifacts by previous visitors to spruce up the place such as satanic drawings and “anarchy” symbols that is, I guess, a way to deter new visitors or at least send a chill down someone’s spine. That, it did not. Instead, it just made me shake my head at the pointless vandalism that I’m sure the townsfolk weren’t very happy about.

This is the bridge where it is said a boy has been sighted. As the story goes, a young boy drowned below the bridge while swimming. Other stories say that the boy was pushed into the water. Either way, the result is the same, he drowned. It is said that if you throw a penny into the water, it will be thrown back to you by the boy (mama didn’t raise no fool!) I’m wondering if you’ll get a quarter back if thrown in? Hmmm. I hoped to capture something with my camera, but, as expected, I did not.

The stone structure to the right was said to be a Druidic Temple where the druids practiced their rituals and bad things may occur to anyone bold enough to get close to it. If you look closely, you can see the makings of a fence which was placed by the Newark Water Department. Truth be told, there is no druidic history linked to the structure. It is actually an old iron smelter left over from the 18th century that was used during the American Revolutionary War. Boohoo, I just ruined what was once an interesting story.

This curve falls into the “every town has one of these” categories. And that is, the Dead Man’s Curve. As luck would have it, some genius was racing down the road one night when, lo and behold, he kind of didn’t see the large curve ahead and his car went into the creek below. Personally, I think he saw the ghost of the young boy, got freaked out and down he went. Sadly for the driver, he and his car was not thrown back. Or, maybe! Just maybe! The driver hit the little boy! See how I just blended two of the alleged happenings of Clinton Road? Anyway, any mention of the accident triggers a manifestation.

There are other reports of oddly dressed people who just stare at you when you drive by without uttering a word. Sometimes they disappear too!

It’s been over seven years since my visit to Clinton Road and although nothing happened when I went, doesn’t mean other people’s stories aren’t true. I have to admit, it was pretty desolate and creepy. I made sure to get the hell ou t of there before the sun dropped.  So if you’re feeling brave and want to take a trip out to Clinton Road, feel free to do so. But, beware and don’t say you weren’t warned!