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Alas, the “Titatanium Spork of the Gods” has arrived! Never before have I been able to achieve feats that were once unattainable. For the first time I was able to eat with a spork and not have have it snap under the weight of my food; no more prongs breaking off only to join the mish-mash of mashed potatoes and being accidentally swallowed, stabbing at my esophagus as it careens toward my stomach. The invention of the spork is that of a genius – combining the spoon and the fork so that only one utensil goes into the dishwasher afterwards instead of two. Absolutely genius!

Ok, ok! The Titanium spork was a prize in a contest I won via Slices of Bizarro, the website of author Jeremy C. Shipp. Along with the spork came the e-book Aberrations. Aberrations features short stories from an array of writers edited by Jeremy that certainly makes for an interesting read.

From dark things in the woods to a hit put on the Mothman himself , there are stories here that certainly think outside the box and make for entertaining reads. Also, be on the lookout for Shipp’s own Goat Boy which certainly stretches the imagination in this little gem. A compilation of work that would not leave you disappointed but asking for more.

Oh and did I mention the awesomely cool Madballs stickers that came along with the spork? Definitely a surprise as it brought me back to my childhood when the Madballs were all the rage. Wasn’t aware that these little boogers were still around! To further make me all googly-eyed, Jeremy also included a personalized greeting card with his very own doodle and “John Hancock”! To this, I raise a glass and say, “Thank you, Sir!”

Oh and that spork, my little buddy Yoda wanted to trade me his lightsaber for it being that he is now retired and it sits in his closet collecting dust. Couldn’t pass that up and he couldn’t be any happier. Just look at that smile!